Investment protection

By using the existing PKI in your company you have already enabled secure in-house communication between employers, partners and customers. Now make use of the European Bridge CA (EBCA) to ensure the secure corporate communication even beyond your company┬┤s boundaries.

The communication between participants of the EBCA has been generated since August 2000 without media disruption for different systems. More than 540,000 email certificates are available from staff at member organizations, more than 2.4 million request are reaching us every year through our repository!


By joining the EBCA, new members can communicate on a trustworthy basis with other members without any need for n-fold bilateral contracts. Thus, both hardware as well as software certificates are permissible to ensure minimum standards of interoperability.

In order to enhance the accessibility to the EBCA all Root CAs of participants are audited and publicly issued. Connection to the EBCA repository service is possible upon request. Hence the issued certificates of all participants can be centrally accessed. 

Exchange of experience

The European Bridge CA is accessible for all organizations and cross-sectorally and globally oriented. It is centrally coordinated and enables direct and fast communication. By means of the membership of the EBCA and the participation in our committees you can exchange experiences and in that way build a closer relationship with your partners or clients. Outwardly, your company is represented as trustworthy and qualified, and this also enables third parties to access secure and confidential communication with your company.  

Network effect

The more members the EBCA has, the greater the benefits are for all participating organizations. After the integration of new participants only central information, made available by the EBCA, needs to be changed. It is not necessary to install new repository service or to replace new certificates. All information can be centrally obtained and is constantly updated.


Using appointed and implemented international standards it is easy and fast to realize the technical connection. Neither the exchange of individual user certificates nor complex cross-certification is necessary. The existing PKI will always remain the company┬┤s responsibility. You can start right away if the requirements for the personal member registration are fulfilled!