Utilisation of the EBCA

The TeleTrusT EBCA offers a Root CA and Sub-CA List as well as a directory service free of charge.

In this way secure communication between non-members and EBCA members can be ensured.

It only takes two steps towards an optimal use of the EBCA:

  1. Enable trust
    The Root CAs and optionally the sub-CAs must be installed so that the operating system on the user side accepts the certificates of a company as secure. The current lists and an instruction on verification and installation will be available.
  2. Finding certificates
    You need a publicly available certificate in order to send encrypted emails to an EBCA participant using the EBCA directory service. The directory service can also be integrated into the email client as LDAP. A summary of accessible participants, an instruction and the link to online request will be made available. Find out more about the utilization in our FAQ.