The admission to the TeleTrusT European Bridge CA is deliberately straightforward and easy.  

There are few requirements to be fulfilled in order to join the EBCA. The basic requirement is an existing Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI) or certificates which are issued by Trust Centers. If you are planning to develop a PKI, please contact us. The admission to the EBCA follows after the signing of a cooperation contract and a self-declaration. The implementation of an application-oriented interoperability test ensures the functioning of this connection in the future. In the end, the EBCA steering committee (board) will decide on the definitive admission.

This image illustrates the registration process with following steps:

1. Registration, verification

2. Interoperability test

3. Registration, distribution of the Root Certificate  

4. Signed Certificate Trust List (CTL)

5. User certificates

6. Signed, encrypted email

Precise requirements for the PKI to meet the minimum guidelines and technical details can be looked up in contract documents. These comprise of the cooperation contract and three attachments: Self-declaration, Certificate Policy and Finance Arrangement.

Declaration of conformity

In the Declaration of conformity every participating organization declares that it fulfills the minimum requirements preset by the European Bridge CA. These requirements are listed in the Declaration of conformity and the Certificate Policy.

TeleTrusT-EBCA Declaration of conformity (EN)

Certificate Policy

A Certificate Policy is made available by the EBCA. The document is installed in the RFC-3647 format and functions as guidance for the Certificate Policy or the Certificate Practice Statement, which participants of the EBCA must possess. Furthermore, it includes technical and organizational regulations to which participants must comply and to which they are bound in the Self-declaration.

TeleTrusT-EBCA Certificate Policy (EN)


The European Bridge CA is a non-profit project. The participation in the costs is guided by the number of connected certificates of the participating organization.

Small-sized enterprises will get special rate for their membership of the EBCA. There are two groups of rate. Group "Mini" includes membership of the EBCA and the related verification as well as administrative applications. Groups 1 to 4 additionally include the integration into the EBCA directory service. A connection of group "Mini" to the EBCA directory service with an existing PKI is possible in group "Mini Plus".

For further details please see the Finance Agreement.

TeleTrusT-EBCA Subscriptions (EN)

If you are interested in joining EBCA, please contact us:


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