The larger the network of Bridge CA becomes, the greater the benefits are for all participating organizations. The TeleTrusT EBCA offers a list of Root CAs and Sub CAs by participants, as well as a Directory Service free of charge. In that way, secure communication between non-members and members of the EBCA can be ensured.

The provision of these tools helps to solve two central problems of secure communication beyond organization´s and PKI`s boundaries.

  • Solution to the distribution problem
    by providing a central Directory Service
  • Solution to the validation problem
    by providing information of revocation lists and certificate lists

Find out more here. On the basis of reference architecture please make sure how to connect the EBCA to your structure, for example in the email communication.

Further development

In the EBCA working group "Technology" current topics of the subject area "Electronic signature" are regularly covered. At the moment another solution is being developed to simplify secure communication for EBCA members. For further questions pertaining to this matter, please contact us.


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