How can I access the repository service of the European Bridge CA?

The EBCA directory service can be integrated into your email program as LDAP. It is necessary to enter following data:

Directory service server




Search base


Learn more about the integration of our LDAP directory service into individual email programs by downloading our guidelines:

These instructions are available to download

What needs to be paid special attention to while using the directory service?

  • Enter only one email address in the search field, for example "example@teletrust.de". Various addresses at the same time as well as special characters such as (", *; ') will not be supported.

  • Typing letters from the image in the first field of the form aims to make abuse of the search site via automatic requests difficult. In case it is impossible for you to decode the image, no problem, you´ll get a new image after the error report.

  • If none of these tips can help, please send a message directly to the email address from which you need a certificate, maybe the certificate has been changed in the meantime and therefore, cannot be found.

  • Certificates of "non-EBCA-participants" generally cannot be found although their trust service provider is participating at the EBCA. The reason is, that searches are filtered at the base of domains. If you wish to be reachable via EBCA, you must become participant. 

  • Depending on the email program you should download a found certificate either as name card (for example Outlook) or as certificate (for example Mozilla) in your email program, in order to use it for the encryption.  If it is still not in use, the downloaded certificate should be marked as trustworthy. This step can usually be omitted if the verified CA certificate collection of the Bridge CA participants has currently been installed. See Enable Trust.

Message: No certificate found.

  • Check the typed email address. Make sure that the last email address of the contact is correct, for the address could have been changed due to the re-organization in the company, even when the address known to you can still receive emails.

Message: A temporary error occured while searching

  • Please try again in a few minutes. The EBCA directory service uses further directories to answer your request.

  • A short-term load peak, maintenance or network failure may be the reasons.  

  • Known restrictions caused by maintenance and network failure will be announced on the search site.