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TeleTrusT project

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Get Certificates

Certificates are available by technology partners who fulfill the EBCA minimum security requirements. This way a participation in the EBCA in the group of tariff "K" (see Finance Agreement) is possible. Enterprises participating in the EBCA or planning to do so, will be granted a special discount between 15% and 20% by our partners for EBCA-compliant certificates.

Below you will find an overview. * Please contact us directly at info(at)

Technology partners with EBCA-compliant products

SwissSign Logo

SwissSign AG

EBCA-compliant products

  • SuisseID
    • qualified signature Switzerland
    • Identity verification
    • Organization entry
    • Hardware token
  • GoldID
    • Advanced signature
    • Identity verification
    • Organization entry
    • Software token

All certificates are issued by an authorized Root-CA, which is operated in accordance with the current state of the art. The public keys and validity information are available via repository services.  All required connections and verifications have already been set up for an EBCA membership.

* The indication of the EBCA-compliant products and the related recommendation is made solely in relation to the fullfillment of the minimum guidelines.