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Guideline for a Manual Directory Service Request

The following illustrations show how the user can retrieve a certificate through a webpage of the EBCA service directory.

After successfully retrieving the desired certificate, the user can save the certificate and use it for enciphered email exchange using S/MIME standards.

These instructions are available to download

Before you start

Go to the webpage of the directory service:

Identify the email address of the recipient.

Step-by-step guide for retrieving a certificate using the web interface

1. Go to the webpage of the directory service:
2. Fill out the security query and add the email address for which you want to retrieve the certificate and click the search button.
3. If the search was successful, the certificate will be shown below and you can either download it directly or as a digital business card. Depending on the email client you are using, enciphered email exchange and communication are now possible.

If you are having trouble retrieving a certificate, please visit the FAQ website:

The provider of your standard email client will demonstrate how to install and realize enciphered communication in your email client. The following guidelines are made available by selected service providers:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013:

Microsoft Office Outlook Mac 2011:

Apple Mail (Mavericks):

Thunderbird: or  

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010:

Microsoft Windows Mail (Windows Vista):

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003: