Guideline for an Automatic Directory Service Request

The following illustrations demonstrate how a certificate can be retrieved in a standard email client via a LDAP Connection.

These instructions are available to download

Before you start

The EBCA directory service can easily be integrated in the user’s email client. The following date is relevant for this step:

Server of the directory service
Port                                                  389
Search basis                                   o=ebca

Step-by-step guide for retrieving a certificate using the web interface



Please define an order of retrieval for an automatic request when sending enciphered messages. This can be done as follows:

The service provider of your standard email client will demonstrate how to install and integrate LDAP directory services in your email client.

The following guidelines are made available by selected service providers:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013: analogue to Office Outlook 2010

Apple Mail (Mavericks):


Microsoft Office Outlook 2010:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003:

If you encounter any problems configuring your email client, please do not hesitate to contact us.