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Instruction on verification of CTL

The following images show how the integrity of certificate lists can be verified. The result of this verification should be known before the installation of CTL, and it should indicate that the signature is valid. (See 4. step).

After a successful verification the signed file can be extracted from the tool and it can be saved then. Another instruction on the installation of certificate lists is available:
Instruction on installation of certificate lists

These instructions are available to download

Before you start

Call up verification tool:

Start SecSigner® Online

Download the files needed to be verified:

Die Root CA Listen können Sie hier herunterladen:

Root CA Listen der EBCA-Teilnehmer

Step-by-step instruction

1. Download .pkcs7 file which needs to be verified.
2. Select .pkcs7 file from your storage location.
3. Load the document associated with the signature
4. Select .p7b file from your storage location.
5. The downloaded file should now be verified. Click on "next".
6. Control the test result and display the file if the result is positive.
7. Select one of the options whether the certificate list should be saved or showed. It is advisable to save the file.