Concept of EBCA

By means of the membership in the EBCA, certificates that have already been issued can be used beyond the local "identity islands" (see image). Thus, various business processes (e.g. Secure Email, Secure Logon, Secure eID, etc.) can be utilized beyond the boundaries of individual organizations.

Benefits of a membership in the EBCA

The EBCA works as a central link between the organizations and provides extensive services for the integration of new participants and the operation of the EBCA. Thus, individual organizations do not have to spend time negotiating contractual stipulations with all their communication partners anymore. One single contract with the EBCA is sufficient in order to realize secure electronic business processes with all other participants. Learn more about the concept of the EBCA and its benefits here.

More about the EBCA

There are only few requirements to be fulfilled in order to become a member of the EBCA. Joining the EBCA is deliberately made easy to foster acceptance for this technology and associated benefits. Learn more about the admission to the EBCA here.

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