Currently, the European Bridge CA provides 2 bodies in order to guarantee a smooth compliance with technical, organizational and legal stipulations.
The Board is responsible for strategic decisions of the European Bridge CA and is - in case of technical or organizational questions - supported by the Technology Working Group.

Board of the EBCA

The Board of the EBCA is the supreme decision-making body and is comprised of participating organizations. They decide democratically on future developments, the structure, extensions and the admission of participants to the European Bridge CA.

Currently, the Board is comprised of the following organizations participating in the EBCA:

  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Siemens AG
  • E.ON Business Services
  • Net at Work Netzwerksysteme GmbH
  • Uniper SE

Technology Working Group

The European Bridge CA provides a working group for technological matters.
In this working group, current issues and stipulations are discussed and solutions are elaborated which are subsequently passed by the Board of the EBCA. Participants interested in this working group are welcome to join it! The group also gives the chance to exchange experiences and current news.